HOTPICY.COM provides online digital information (text, images, audio, video and animated flash) about restaurants from inside Japan which offers HOT and SPICY food taste originally from South Asian region. These restaurants or shop are called as members (here in after known as “content owner members”) post their product and services in the portal space provided by HOTPICY.COM. All content owner members are registered from online registration process.

Following information is mandatory to be a content owner member in HOTPICY.COM

1. Name of company:

2. Address:

3. Telephone no:

4. Mobile Phone no:

5. E-mail address:

6. Contact Person name:

All content owners’ members will be contacted by phone and will be validated from HOTPICY.COM administration team. Unavailable and unreachable members via phone will be removed from HOTPICY.COM.

Propose of HOTPICY.COM

HOTPICY.COM is focused on HOT and SPICY food restaurants having original taste from South Asian region and running inside Japan. The first business purpose is to display food and services offered by South Asian regional HOT and SPICY food restaurant inside Japan. The second business purpose is to encouraging for controlling quality of food and services by frequent feedbacks and comments from registered users and viewers of HOTPICY.COM.

Members’ types and registration

HOTPICY.COM offered two types of members

(i) First types of members are called as “content owner member” and are considered as company of shop or restaurant running inside Japan. These members will be registered from online process. These members are allowed to display their own product and services to the public from the portal offered by HOTPICY.COM. To receive more business benefits from the other advance features from HOTPICY.COM these members should be upgraded as paid members. Any time these members are free to subscribe and unsubscribe from HOTPICY.COM domain.

(ii) Second types of members are called as “valued members”. These are end users of HOTPICY.COM web portal. HOTPICY.COM will collect

- Full Name

- Address

- Telephone no

- Mobile no.

- E-mail

Of valued members from three different ways, such as (i) During reservation process of shop or restaurant, (ii) During applying for coupon and discount offered by shop and restaurant, and (iii) Direct collection of information from shop owner. Entry of all these members in HOTPICY.COM database is considered as registered valued members of HOTPICY.COM.

Any time without of any condition these valued members can send e-mail at unsubscribe@hotpicy.com requesting with subject “unsubscribe from HOTPICY.COM” to remove their membership from HOTPICY.COM database.

Business fraud or cheating to customers (or valued members) by registered shop or company listed in HOTPICY.COM portal: If HOTPICY.COM identified or found any fraud content as well as behavior for cheating to HOTPICY.COM’s portal viewers, valued members and content owner member by listed shop or companies from HOTPICY.COM database will be immediately removed and accused according to the law of Japanese government. The further responsibility of damage and loose done by such companies will not be taken by HOTPICY.COM

Security of personal information

All the personal and organizational information which has been entered and registered inside HOTPICY.COM are securely stored in HOTPICY.COM database and are only uses for HOTPICY.COM business promotion proposes. HOTPICY.COM has adopted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to secure your data during transmission over web. Also the HOTPICY.COM has used anti-virus software to protect you during browsing HOTPICY.COM portal.

*****Note: HOTPICY.COM will not ask or request following information from customer, viewers or valued members from HOTPICY.COM portal.

i) Date of birth,

ii) Credit or debit card no and associated information, and

iii) Bank information and associated information.

Account violation and loose of password loose

If members (both content owner member and valued members) are found or identified in involvement of any violation against of rule and regulation set by HOTPICY.COM will be accused under the law and will be removed from HOTPICY.COM database permanently.

Secondly HOTPICY.COM will not take any responsible if by the lack of your sincerity, you left your secured password in public place and used by third person to destroy your account or content.

Change of Policy, Terms and conditions

HOTPICY.COM will change it’s policy, terms and condition any time. After the change in policy, terms and condition will be shortly informed to all HOTPICY.COM members.

Contact Us

If you have any question about HOTPICY.COM portal you can contact at “contact@hotpicy.com”

Revision date: September 21st 2012